Repbulans Lose Their “ic”

February 22, 2007

Based on the few snippets I’ve heard lately coming from the intellectual titans on the right side of the Congressional aisle, dropping the “ic” when referring to the Democratic Party has quickly become standard new-con operating procedure. How utterly witty and devastating.

Well, any two idiots can play at that game.

I hereby resolve that, so long as new-cons insist on calling the folks across the aisle the “Democrat” Party, I will call the new-cons “Republans.” Naynnr-naynnr-naynnr!.

Critics might say that I am stooping to the Republans level, which I am.  But people close to me know that mine is no big stoop to the slimy underbelly. And what better way to draw attention to so-called adults and alleged leaders, who are really a just a pack of buffoons, sore from a THUMPIN’?

Some Idiot should send it right back at them, and I’m just the man for the job.

Republan, Republans, Republans!

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