Sorry, been busy guest blogging at Not Very Bright

July 13, 2007

I’ve neglected posting because I’m engaged in a raging universal health care debate over at Not Very Bright. I say “raging” because there is a lot of meat in the comments on both sides, but the debate has been refreshingly civil. Check it out here.

I promise I’ll be back at it here soon.

One Response to Sorry, been busy guest blogging at Not Very Bright

  1. Will Folks Censors
    July 15, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    While you have been away Will has shown his bad manners again by first censoring our posts (fair posts) and later he edited one our posts to try to ridicule us before he put it on his blog. Here is our response to his false allegation and ridicule that he refuses to post. Will’s really giving bloggers a bad name. 🙂

    Now, will. We never called you a “sleazebag slut.” Get your facts straight for a change.

    When you hacked up out intelligent, thoughtful and factual post to ridicule us, you got your adjectives wrong. We called you an “ignorant slut.” There is a difference.

    And we have never called anyone a “racist bastard.” Where did you dream that up? And your “his people” line reminds us of the boneheaded comment Ross Perot made when he was speaking to an NAACP audience and referred to them as “you people.”

    Our comment was taken from a line in a classic Saturday Night Live parody that was aired over a major public TV network. The line was a parody then, and it was a parody when we used it to reference you. You should understand: “parody.”

    Will, you have no reservations about using foul language or hurling vile insults from your blog at people you often don’t even know as you ridicule their positions on issues.

    Yet, when the tables are turned you suddenly turn wholesome and cry foul. Your adoring public is watching for two faced behavior. If you dish it out, please be ready to take it.

    Now, with that said we sincerely apologize for calling you an “ignorant slut.”

    P.S. Let’s do lunch again soon, you sleazebag. Oh, and nice try with another “grass roots” organization. Ask Gilda and other key black leaders in private what they think about those organizations.

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