Sweet Anticipation

January 30, 2007

I haven’t received those July ’97 options that Steve promised me (O.K., so I’ve attempted to extort the options; let’s not get tangled in symantics here), but I bit the buttet, pulled the trigger, took the plunge, did the deed, got ‘er done. I ordered an iMac.

Now I’m fairly twitching with sweet anticipation. I haven’t been this excited about tearing the shrink wrap off a new computer since I bought my last Mac back in the ’80s. Just as the new feel was wearing off my last Mac, a Power Mac bought in ’95, a career change plunged me into the Windows quagmire. I remade my self as a network engineer in a Window-centric Red State.

I’d swear there is a weird coorelation between Mac-phobia and Red State conservatism. It’s like the very feel of the Mac -the smooth, sweeping lines, the open possibilities, the touch of wild – is just a little too much for fragile  Red hearts. Windows is “safer.” What is it they say these days? Nobody ever got fired for buying Windows. Or was that what they said about IBM? (And they weren’t talking about Lenovo.) Windows is like the frat boy computing environment and the Mac OS is a goddamned independent.

Ten years now I’ve been living a Mac-less existence. Ten years I’ve be watching Windows systems in slow decline, I’ve backed up, reformated, re-installed, re-patched, and reloaded. I’ve rebuilt user profiles. If I had a quarter for every minute that I waited for Windows to boot or waited for a Windows reload to complete or waited for Windows updates to download, I’d be nearly as rich as Bill Gates himself.

In that ten years, Windows has come a LOOONG way from the sad joke of its origins. Windows, since 2000, has been a fairly solid OS. And the current releases of Microsoft’s Server and Exchange platforms are Titans compaired to their pathetic ancestors. You’ve gotta give Microsoft an A+ for persistence, determination, and crafty marketing. Yet in all my years of working with steadily improving versions of Windows, I have never, NEVER felt like I was working with an elegent product, the way I felt when booted my first Mac Plus with 128KB RAM and a single 700K 3.5″ floppy drive – no hard disk.

So, I’m hoping the iMac with OS X will restore that touch of elegance in my computing experience.

And I’m still waiting on my July ’97 Options, Steve. If you’re waiting to put them in the box with the iPhone to save shipping, don’t bother: I’ll give you my UPS account number, and you can send them collect. My iMac will be here any day now (!), so don’t dally.

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